Claim Management

Efficient claims management for the success of your project

My name is Peter Simoneit, your expert in the field of claim management.

I understand that every construction project, supply chain and business partnership can face challenges and unforeseen events. This is exactly where claims management comes into play.

Claims management is a strategic discipline that aims to identify, evaluate and manage claims and deviations in projects. A claim arises when changes occur in the project, whether due to unexpected events, changes in requirements or other unforeseen circumstances. These claims may impact schedule, cost and performance.

With more than 30 years of experience in claim management, I understand the complexity of construction projects and business processes. As an experienced claims management expert, I work closely with you to identify, analyze and handle potential claims at an early stage. I rely on transparent communication to minimize conflicts and ensure smooth project execution.

  1. Early identification of claims: I analyze your project from the start in order to identify potential points of conflict and act early.

  2. Claim analysis and evaluation: As an expert, I evaluate incoming claims in detail to understand their impact on schedule, cost and performance.

  3. Negotiations and finding solutions: I represent your interests in negotiations and work together with everyone involved to find practical solutions.

  4. Documentation and Compliance: I ensure comprehensive documentation of all claims and strictly adhere to all compliance requirements.

And much more.

My many years of experience, my commitment to excellence and my customer-oriented approach make me your ideal partner in claims management. I strive to make your project successful, minimize conflicts and ensure the success of your business ventures.

Let’s talk to find out more about how I can help you with claims management. I am available to discuss your specific requirements and develop tailored solutions.

I look forward to the personal exchange.​


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